Mahua tree

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Did you know that the Mahua tree is a natural wonder? With its stout trunk, rounded crown, and multiple branches, it stands tall and magnificent at 16-20 meters. Its grey bark, although wrinkled, exfoliates daintily and reveals the beauty of its thin scales. The leaves are unique and clustered, and measure 10-25 cm long by 6–12 cm broad. They are rigid, thick, and firm, expressing its strength and character. The flowers are fragrant and develop into fleshy, greenish fruit containing multiple shiny, oily seeds. From the pinkish or reddish-brown young leaves, to the fur that covers the branches, every inch of the Mahua tree is a wonder to behold. It is truly amazing how nature creates such amazing works of art!


Mahua is a deciduous tree of medium size, reaching heights of 16-20 m. The stout trunk, measuring 80 cm in diameter, supports a rounded crown with multiple branches. Grey bark, vertically cracked and wrinkled, exfoliates in thin scales. Leaves are alternate and clustered at the end of branchlets. The simple leaf blade is oblong in shape, measuring 10-25 cm long by 6-12 cm broad and is rigid, thick, and firm. The leaf is woolly at the lower face and exudes milky sap when broken. Young leaves are pinkish or reddish-brown. Flowers are borne on green or pink, furry bunches with each bunch consisting of 12 fragrant cream-colored flowers. Pollinated flowers develop into a fleshy, greenish ovoid fruit containing 1-4 shiny, oily brown seeds. The seeds are elliptical and flattened on one side, measuring 3-5 cm long.

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