Gulmohar tree

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As the summer season emerges, it reveals the presence of the magnificent Gulmohar tree (Delonix regia) in all types of lands, ranging from deciduous to tropical forests. This iconic tree can be observed adorning the landscapes of numerous countries across the world with its tranquil beauty and striking aesthetics. Whether it is due to its vibrant and mesmerizing flowers, or its delicate fern-like foliage, this botanical species has immensely contributed to the dissemination of positive emotions such as joy, happiness, and calmness. The Gulmohar tree has been celebrated for its unique physical characteristics and has been known to enhance the visual appeal of the natural environment, thereby making an essential contribution to the botanical diversity of the world.


Gulmohar tree is an ornamental plant which is grown especially for its amazing flower beauty though this plant also got beautiful almost evergreen foliage beauty and many medicinal uses.


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