Mango tree

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The mango tree is an extraordinary example of the beauty and utility of nature. Although it is best known for its delicious fruit, it also has a lesser-known but invaluable quality: wood. Despite the challenges that come with its use, this versatile material is used to create stunning musical instruments and affordable furniture. It’s amazing to think that something that provided food for so many can continue to contribute to our lives in new ways. We can find inspiration in the resilience of the mango tree – even when it reaches the end of its fruit-bearing life, it still has so much to give. It’s no wonder that the mango tree has been recognized as the state tree of Junagadh State – it truly embodies the spirit of growth and resourcefulness.


The mango tree is primarily renowned for its fruit production, rather than its wood. Nevertheless, upon the completion of their fruit-bearing lifespan, the mango trees may be transformed into lumber. It is worth noting that the wood is prone to damage by fungi and insects. It is often utilized to craft musical instruments such as Ukeleles, plywood and low-cost furniture. Furthermore, the wood is notorious for containing phenolic substances that can lead to dermatitis. It is noteworthy that the mango tree was declared as the state tree of Junagadh State.


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